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Berlin und Germany offer many sights and are a big living museum of German history. Also in cultural terms, you will find a wide range in Berlin and Germany, which last but not least gained worldwide acknowledgement through the Sommermärchen (Summer’s Tale) 2006 and annual events.

Cities of arts, artists and Museum

about 180 museums, numerous galleries, top-class exhibitions and renowned auction houses. Berlin and Brandenburg are a paradise for art.
The creative cities: when it comes to creativity, Berlin and Brandenburg are able to cope with any other metropolis in the world. Nowhere else is there more exciting art created, more radical theatre performed, more operas staged, more exciting museums redesigned or cooler clubs opened.

The cities, which do not exist but always become: Berlin and Brandenburg are something like upstarts among the European cities. It was only during the 19th century when the German capital really picked up speed – also and especially in architectural terms. Within a couple of years, the residence of the Hohenzollerns grew to become both a city with over a million inhabitants and a metropolis.

Sights – What you should not miss: “What are we going to visit first in Berlin and Brandenburg?” Well, these are difficult questions. Above all because there is so much to see in Berlin and Brandenburg.

Shopping – rummaging around, bargains, specialities: whoever has visited enough sights, may venture on another Berlin specialty: shopping. In Berlin and Brandenburg there are a lot of small fashion labels, noble furniture shops and bookstores that invite you to rummage.