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Studenten Reisen

For school, Colloge or Student Education Travel: So many of life’s lessons are taught outside the classroom. Hosting takes the concepts of language class, world studies or geography out of the textbook and brings them to life. Moreover, through an international exchange student, hosting introduces your children at an early age to the culture and diversity of another country. Whether talking at the dinner table, shooting hoops or just hanging out with your exchange student, your children will absorb lasting memories that will influence the way they perceive the world. Meet Our Students, students come prepared to make the most out of their high school year in the Germany. They fully participate and integrate into their school, host family and community and then they return to their home country to further impact their world.

Trips for students for young people Besides many cultural sights, Berlin and Germany also offer an abundant entertainment programme. Berlin nightlife with bars, cafés and discotheques for every taste. You will find the best cocktail bars in Berlin, Munich, Paris, Zurich, Madrid, Barcelona, Vienna, Hamburg, Frankfurt and other European cities.

However, neither abroad nor in Germany this must be an impediment: “There are numerous offers in almost all areas where students can profit from their status,” Stefan Grob, Deutsches Studentenwerk Berlin, explains. “That applies to both travelling itself, such as tickets and transfers but also offers at the holiday location. Students often get reduced tickets prices in cultural facilities, such as cinemas, theatres or museums, even in gastronomy there are student tickets from time to time,” Grob continues to inform.

An international student card enables discounts in many countries!
“Whoever travels abroad, does well to invest a couple of Euros in the International Student Card (ISIC). This card is known in many countries. It enables travellers more than 40,000 benefits and discounts in 110 countries worldwide,” Katharina Volk, speaker of Destination Management GmbH, says. “Among them are overnight stays, restaurants or tickets where students can obtain discounts of up to 70 per cent.”

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