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Health Travel service in Germany

Germany is a world-leading health destination. In the global comparison, the German health system is on place four of the best systems of health care. Patients from all over the world are cared for on highest level – from acute cases to rehabilitation. Germany’s top position is based on the unique networking of science, research, industry and clinic treatment. The climate, lots of nature as well as wide-ranging cultural and shopping possibilities contribute to the fact that patients and their relatives feel completely contented in Germany. We offer more than 2000 clinics and 1200 rehabilitation clinics in Germany.

Travelling to Germany in a fast and uncomplicated way: whoever is sick, has a very special need for an uncomplicated and relaxing trip. Also here Germany is leading. The German infrastructure is among the best in Europe. Not only the length, but also the good networking of different transport routes enables a quick and comfortable change of residence in the entire country. Upon request, guests with limited mobility will find the necessary help and support already upon their arrival at the airport or railway station.

State-of-the-art technologies: Using latest medical technology is a standard in Germany. For example, it allows necessary surgeries to be carried out with minimum invasion as far as possible. In doing so, the risk during surgery is minimized and scarring largely avoided.

Overnight stays: Friends or family members who travel with the patients will find a broad range of accommodations in Berlin. Berlin hotels and accommodation providers belong to the leading ones in Europe. Accommodations are optimally attuned to individual guest wishes, such as accessibility. Guest surveys and ratings in social networks show: Not only high quality standards are awaiting the guests everywhere, but also competent and friendly service staff.

DMC MICE Germany offers you: internal medicine, cardiac and vascular diseases, oncology, neurology, genecology, children, urology, orthopaedics, plastic surgery, radiology, clinics in Berlin and throughout Germany.

VISA REGULATIONS: In principle, the application for the visa must be submitted in person to the foreign representations. It usually takes between two to ten workdays to decide about an application for a visa in case of a short-term stay. In urgent cases, the medical facility will issue a corresponding writing to enable the faster issuance of a visa.

LANGUAGE: The English language is obligatory for our staff. Our service staff speaks English. Language barriers do therefore not constitute a problem to our foreign guests. In many clinics, interpreters or native employees offer their services to international patients.